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InterviewMedia Relations
Gann PR can help you with all of your Media Relations needs! With over 30 years of  experience in the New Mexico Media Industry, Randall Gann brings an uncommon insider’s perspective to Media Relations. His years of reading press releases in newsrooms and interviewing people while chasing stories in the field gives him a unique understanding of how to effectively communicate your message to the media.

Media TrainingMedia Training
Gann PR Media Training courses are custom designed specifically for your company and your industry and taught by Randall Gann, an experienced media professional, who will train you and your staff to approach the media with the confidence and savvy that comes from preparation and experience.

Typewriter keys Editing
Gann PR can help you with all of your writing and editing needs. Randall Gann holds a PhD in American Literature and Film, and he has numerous academic publications. He also taught writing courses in the university setting for over 10 years. In short, Randall is an expert writer and editor.