Media TrainingGann PR Media Training courses are custom designed specifically for your company and your industry and taught by Randall Gann, an experienced media professional, who will train you and your staff to approach the media with the confidence and savvy that comes from preparation and experience.

Our Media Training courses always include on-camera training sessions where you will have to field unexpected questions in a true-to-life interview scenario. Randall has worked as a News Reporter and Field Producer. He has firsthand experience with the pressures that reporters face, and he uses this knowledge to prepare you for the tough questions and to help you recognize and deal with tactics designed to catch you off guard.

And to go along with 30 years of media experience, Randall has also spent 10 years teaching at the University level. He has a PhD in English Literature and Film and extensive experience with curriculum design and presentation. He understands the importance of an active learning environment, and he has the experience to sense the weaknesses of his students and adjust his style and the content to match the needs of the group.

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